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Tennis club with restaurant

Tutor:Ing. arch. Yakoub Meziani
Year: 2009/2010
Type: academic project - Bachelor degree project
School: Faculty of Architecture, STU, Bratislava

Highlights: A grade project

Tennis club with restaurant

Project is situated in Bratislava, Slovakia in the area called Mlynska dolina, which is well accessible for car traffic as well as for pedestrians. Project is a multiuse building with two main features which are the tennis club and restaurant. Assessment of the project includes locality, main rooms and spaces and maximum volume of the project. Philosophy of the project is inspired by tennis game. Main lines of the building are following trajectory of tennis ball during game. By changes is entrance parameters in all scales are created whole mass of the building.

Tennis club with restaurant

The project also respects the sustainable principles. Double skin facades are cooled by cold air from garages and heated by waste heat from kitchen. Green roof is carried by wooden hall construction, which also free up the inner space from load bearing walls. Roof also catches rain water which is afterwards used for toilet flushing. Building project has two stories over ground and one under.

Tennis club with restaurant

On the first floor are located spaces for restaurant and entrance hall for tennis club with separate entrances. On the second floor are located a cafe and VIP areas of tennis club located in separate mass. In the underground floor are located parking garages and technical rooms for whole building and technical rooms and storages for restaurant. Green roof is partly walked able and can be used by visitors as a stage for watching tennis game at nearby courts.

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