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Jelling envelope

Tutors: Daniel Norell, Urlika Karlsson, Marcelyn Gow
Team members: Leighton Peach
Year: 2009/2010
Type: academic project
School: Faculty of Architecture, KTH, Stockholm

Highlights: 3d printed model, light studies

Jelling envelope

Project was solved during exchange studies in KTH, Stcokholm. The goal was to design a climatic envelop for jelling stones in Denmark. UNESCO World Heritage Site, comprising of two Rhunic Stones, two adjacent burial mounds and a church. To design a climatic enclosure for the Rhunic Stones.

Jelling envelope

An integral part of development within this project was to understand where to open up the surface, so that a meaning would be given to the facade from the exterior but also allow controlled amounts of light into the shleter to compliment the stones.

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