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Cube interior

Tutor: ing arch M. Piricova
Year: 2008/2009
Type: academic project
School: Faculty of Architecture, STU, Bratislava

Cube interior

The task was to change old flat from 70s into new and modern. The project is introducing more rooms according to same or even better comfort and usability. Idea of new room master plan was also to keep budget as low as possible. Living room and kitchen are after changes held together and divided by thin glass wall. Furniture was picked carefully to mach warm and color which are presenting friendly and warm home feeling atmosphere exactly in most frequently used space in the flat.

Cube interior

All design is based on chamfer cube shape, which is repeated all around space. Part of appointment was also to design furniture piece. This narrow shelf is also based on chamfered cube shape and matches all interior in design and color. It is perfect to place in narrow corridors and spaces where lack of space is. Main purpose is to keep no often used objects and plant and bring to interior home feeling showing owner s beloved objects.

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design: Vladimir Ondejcik (c)Vladimir Ondecik 2011
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