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Restoration of St. Elisabeth Church in Lehnice

Tutor: doc. ing arch J. Lalkova,Phd
Team members: Marek Lohinsky
Year: 2008/2009
Type: academic project
School: Faculty of Architecture, STU, Bratislava
Highlights: A grade project

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Restoration of St. Elisabeth Church in Lehnice

Restoration of St. Elisabeth Church in Lehnice town is an academic project completing under supervising of history and historic monuments preservations department of Faculty of Architecture of STU in Bratislava. Church is located in a centre of small town called Lehnice in south west Slovakia. Project consist restoration of main part of church except roof, which has been recently repaired. Interior and exterior of church is bad conditions with lot of uncontrolled changed which are destroying feeling of the place. Project is removing those touches and puts church back into his original style.

Restoration of St. Elisabeth Church in Lehnice

All projects are based on modern principles of restoration of historical monuments. In church is designed new mobiliar including seats and lamps, which corresponds to new design of church, new urban plan and new chapel. In the floor of church is used totally new element. These are glass plates put in floor with picture from bible. Glass panel is put also over old tomb in the middle of the church. . Project was successfully presented in front of local government of Lehnice town and rated by A grade.

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