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Chapel for Lehnice town

Tutor: doc. ing arch J. Lalkova,Phd
Team members: Marek Lohinsky
Year: 2008/2009
Type: academic project
School: Faculty of Architecture, STU, Bratislava
Highlights: A grade project

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Chapel for Lehnice town

Chapel for Lehnice town in an academic project lead by historic monuments preservation department of faculty of architecture in Bratislava in Slovak republic. Chapel itself is part of complex preservation project of Lehnice town. Chapel is located in old castello garden, which is now in use for elderly people. Chapel should offer temporarily seating, place for stay rest and pray. Under case of historic castello and historic base of garden is chapel planed to touch garden as less as possible.

Chapel for Lehnice town

Modern principes were used to plan chapel design as well as inspiration was also taken out of historic Christian churches and cathedrals, in country and world. Structure itself is half-closed space which offers protection from rain sun hean and partly wind. chapel has access for disabled people, which is also main entrance. Ramp goes over water area, in which are placed symbol of old runes of Slovak people. this refers back to times of glory and Christianity.

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