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New-old bridge, Bratislava



Faculty of Architecture, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, 2009

Tutor: doc. Ing. arch. J. Ilkovic, PhD
Year: 2008/2009
Type: academic project School: Faculty of Architecture, STU, Bratislava
Highlights: A grade project
Project was presented in front of the peer council in defending and the research project VEGA

New-old bridge, Bratislava

Philosophy of this project was found in two former bridges. My vision was to use the same material base and give it a brand new design. Inspired by old, but look completely new. Innovative design is used in preservation of the historical elements. Pylons do not have load bearing function anymore. Also three pylons which are located in Danube received new function in form of historical galleries. They are reachable only from west walkway. They are presenting three bridges, in logical order the oldest bridge of Franz Joseph on the pylon closest to the old town, the middle one the old bridge, and the south pylon is presenting design of the new bridge. Construction is made on steel base and it is divided into two separate bridge decks.

New-old bridge, Bratislava

uction is made on steel base and it is divided into two separate bridge decks. Both decks are cable-stayed on asymmetrically kept 6 cables, but with main mirror axis in global view. This cables has unique arrangement, and so, the crossing upon pylons. This gives stiffness, strength a more sustain to the whole structure. The whole bridge is designed to be a local dominant, but to be an accenting element on panorama view. Its highest part is at same height as highest point on the old bridge, but it offers additional 2 meters to ship corridor, which was required by Danube committee.

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design: Vladimir Ondejcik (c)Vladimir Ondecik 2011
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